What’s In a Name?

Over at The Write Focus, we’re looking at names that creatives need. Business Names > Pen Names, Character Names, and the Names for Titles of Books and Series.

Listen to the episodes at these links. With the links are also the links for the Transcripts.


Part 1: How to Create a Name / What’s In a Name 1:6

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Part 2: Pen Names / What’s In a Name 1:7

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Part 3: Character Names & Titles and Series Names / What’s In a Name 1:8

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The Write Focus ~ What’s In a Name, 3 parts

What’s In a Name, part 1 ~ How creatives develop names for their businesses along with brainstorming techniques

Listen: Follow the podcast at this linkAired November 11.

Transcript Here.

What’s In a Name, part 2 ~ Pen Names / Select and Maintain

Use the Link under part 1. This episode aired Nov. 18

Transcript Here.

What’s In a Name, part 3 ~ Names for Characters and Titles of Books/Series.

Use the Link under part 1. This episode aired Nov. 25.

Transcript Here.

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1 : 8 What’s In a Name /Characters & Titles / part 3

How do we find names for our characters? What techniques can we use to discover the best titles for our books and our series?

We’re running a little long this time as we try to crowd everything in to part 3 of the Naming series.

Find any resources and links as well as a transcript at this link:


1 :: 6 What’s in a Name part 1

What’s in a Name? Does it matter how you pick a name–for your writing business, your writing self, your characters, your books and your series? Well, duh. Yes, it matters. While a rose by any other word would smell as sweet, Tybalt cared that Romeo was a Montague at a Capulet party. Names DO Matter.

Check the transcript here.



Write Focus: 6 Stages to Publish

From Seed to Harvest

The Write Focus podcast presents the 6 Stages to Publish, two brief presentations to introduce how you convert a seed of an idea into a tangible book in a reader’s hands.

On October 21 we had the first 3 Stages, under the heading Write the Novel.

Follow the podcast it here on podbean, or here on youtube, or click this link for the episode transcript.

Here’s the link to the podcast, where you can find “Write the Novel” for the 1st 3 Stages podcast. This episode aired October 21.

On November 4 we have the last 3 Stages, Edit / Proof / Publish. Use the link above to reach this podcast.

We offer the podbean podcast here, or a simple youtube link, or the episode transcript clicking.

Remember, episodes usually run less than 15 minutes, long enough to prep a quick dinner or for to/from commute or a simple fresh-air walk.


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