Writers Ink Welcomes You!

Writers Ink Non-Fiction Welcomes You!

Time for Tea?

Ever feel like the dormouse? Or do you claim Mad Hatter? Maybe you’re just the rabbit, going along to get along?

Whichever Wonderland character you are, welcome to the Nonfiction site for Writers Ink.


It’s a tea-party for people who want to navigate the craziness, whether it’s trying to become a published writer or attempting to better life. Sit down, add sugar and cream, and join us for tea.

Browse around. We have books and charts for writers, poetry evaluation for writers, and a healthy living planner.

Our new nonfiction site has only three focuses.

  • Learn offers our blog.
    • 2021 is poetry blogs on the  5ths of each month (5 / 15 / 25). Please explore.
    • Additional blogs run the occasional response to email requests, such as the Advice to Newbie Writers.
    • We have books and charts for writers on Pro Writer page.
    • Beginning October 2020 and continuing into 2021, the blog will promote our new podcast The Write Focus. Find the podcast site at this link.

All new releases from Writers Ink–whether nonfiction or fiction–are also promoted here.cover by Deranged Doctor Design for Writers Ink Books

  • Write offers how-to books and a planner, all for writers of any genre, prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction.
Interior of the Think/Pro planner, revealing portions of the weekly two-page spread.

Contact us at winkbooks@aol.com.

Looking for THE WRITE FOCUS?

Follow this link to the podcast on Podbean  , or listen to the current series  with the add-in below. Show your support with a cup of coffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/winkbooksr 

The greatest bugbear monster that a writer faces doesn’t actually exist. It’s the popular “Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist” from Think like a Pro.

Look for the popular Creativity episode as well.


Join the Writers Ink newsletter. Use the contact form below or write to winkbooks@aol.com.

Writers Ink publishes fiction (mysteries and fantasies) as well as nonfiction guides for writers at all levels and the occasional planner ~ for writing and for life … because who can live without calendars?

We’re still in the process of re-building this site, so be a little patient as we restore content and promote new endeavors. We can guarantee no heart-card soldiers will come to attack!

Writers Ink is based in the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee. We are indie writers with the mountains in our blood. In addition to most of the nonfiction, M.A. Lee writes historical suspense and mystery ~ with a dash of romance. Remi Black writes dark fantasy while Edie Roones writes sword/sorcery fantasy and alternate world fantasy. W.Ink’s website is: https://writersinkbooks.com.

Writers Ink was formed in 2015. Writers Ink Books (and our nonfiction identity of Writers Ink NonFiction) have the sole purpose of promoting writing.



Learn (the blog!)

A Messy Miscellany For Writers

A Messy Miscellany for Writers is Crowded with Information. A Messy Miscellany covers a broad range of topics on … craft and process, productivity and tools, writing crimes to avoid, the how-can’s and why-should’s of writing guidance, and much, much more. These miscellany chapters first appeared on The Write Focus podcast; that’s another reason for …

About Us / Contact

Who is Writers Ink? Because you know WHAT it is, right?

Writers Ink is the publishing arm for Emily Dunn …

Emily Dunn worked as a journalist and copy writer before pursuing the challenge of teaching the triumvirate of literature, composition, and grammar+ to high school students (a ritually compliant audience, for the most part!). Those years of teaching meant that she continued learning herself, sticking fingers into the literary and writing crafts and twisting concepts and facts around to understand them before conveying that knowledge to students.

The Discovering guidebooks for writers are proof that her internal teacher keeps presenting lessons.

Since beginning her self-publishing journey in 2015, Emily Dunn (under her pen names of M.A. Lee, Remi Black, and Edie Roones) has published more than 30 works of fiction and nonfiction.

 You can contact us directly at winkbooks@aol.com or complete this form which will eventually route to us.