Writers Ink Welcomes You!

Writers Ink Non-Fiction Welcomes You!

Time for Tea?

Ever feel like the dormouse? Or do you claim Mad Hatter? Maybe you’re just the rabbit, going along to get along?

Whichever Wonderland character you are, welcome to the Nonfiction site for Writers Ink.


It’s a tea-party for people who want to navigate the craziness, whether it’s trying to become a published writer or attempting to better your life. Sit down, add sugar and cream, and join us for tea.

Our new nonfiction site has only three focuses.

  • Learn offers our blog, currently running poetry on the 5ths of each month (5 / 15 / 25) on a regular schedule. New releases from Writers Ink are also promoted here.
  • Write offers how-to books and a planner, all for writers of any genre, prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction.
Interior of the Think/Pro planner, revealing portions of the weekly two-page spread.


  • Live focuses on lifestyle skills with the 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle planner.
Several pages and two options for covers for the 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle planner: two-page weekly spread, previews / reviews, self-help and guidance.

Contact us at winkbooks@aol.com

M.A. Lee / Remi Black / Edie Roones ~ Writers Ink Books

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Writers Ink publishes fiction (mysteries and fantasies) as well as nonfiction guides for writers at all levels and the occasional planner ~ for writing and for life.


We’ve just started re-building our site, so be a little patient as we restore content and promote new endeavors. We can guarantee no heart-card soldiers will come to attack!

Writers Ink is based in the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee. I am an indie writer with the mountains in my blood. For the genres I love, my pen names are M.A. Lee (historical suspense and mystery) and Remi Black and Edie Roones (fantasy). W.Ink’s website is: https://writersinkbooks.com.

Writers Ink was formed in 2015 with the sole purpose to publish my writing. Writers Ink Books (and our nonfiction identity of Writers Ink NonFiction) have the sole purpose of promoting my published writing.

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Writers Ink

Fiction & Non-Fiction

W.Ink Non-Fiction includes Writing and Self-Help


Learn (the blog!)

Newbies: Live as a Writer, Learn as a Writer

It’s a series on Advice to Newbie Writers. This will last a while. Enjoy. Advice to Newbies ~ Live and Learn Herewith, a continuation of my response to a Newbie Writer’s concerns. (See the 9/1 post to read her second email. Names are changed to protect the innocent.) This series began back in July, and …

Free Verse: New Masters

Hey! Remember this? We’re looking at the various ways that we classify poetry. First off, all writing is either  Prose or Poetry.  Plays are either one or the other—with Shakespeare, you sometimes get both. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare distinguishes between prose and poetry and between Blank Verse and Pure Verse. Prose: any lines …


Writers Ink Books was formed in 2015 for the sole purpose of publishing fiction and nonfiction by M.A. Lee, Remi Black, and Edie Roones. You can contact us directly at winkbooks@aol.com or complete this form which will eventually route to us.