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Discovering Your Novel  is a separate guidebook.

Discovering Your Writing bundles characters, plot, branding, and sentence craft into one 8 x 10 book. BEST DEAL HERE!

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Discovering Your Plot


What do writers want from plot?

What do writers need from plot?

Are those questions the same? Not really.

As wordsmiths, we writers know that want and need are two different words.

  • The want is a circumstance that we writers can control. We want plot specifics to help us craft story and exceed reader expectations.
  • The need is a circumstance of obligations from reader expectations of story. While readers may want the comfort of the genre elements (the tropes), they also wish to have their interest and curiosity piqued.

Can we writers deliver on the expectations and the surprises in order to please our readers?

That’s the involved question that Discovering Your Plot hopes to answer.

This guidebook covers plot structure and the necessities of genre expectations so we writers can anticipate what readers want.

  • It is NOT a list of tropes by genre or even a list of tropes that every novel should have.

It explores the six most common plot structures.

  • It is NOT a list of characters for plot or story. It is not a list of the “17 characters your novel needs” or the “characters used by famous authors”, as listed on social media sites.

It is a detailed examination of the major sections of a novel.

  • It is NOT a word-based or page-based formula of a novel’s structure.

By the end of Discovering Your Plot¸ writers will have the tools to construct a story as well as diagnose problems with pacing, tension and suspense, and sequencing events.

Discovering Your Plot is Book 6 in the Think like a Pro Writer series and the second of the Discovering set of how-to guidebooks for writers at all skill levels. While the approach is for newbies, every writer can benefit from this fresh look at any novel’s framework.

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November is the Fall Writing Challenge

November is the Fall Writing Challenge… and The Write Focus has got every writer’s back.

November is writing only, 50,000 words in one month.

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New Publications!

1st and 2nd are TWO Planners for Serious Writers. Visit the links for views of the interior of both planners.

Writing Nest: A Project Planner for Writers

Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

  • Plan those writing goals.
  • Nest the projects; hatch as you achieve them.
  • Celebrate victories; analyze challenges.
  • Soar with Success with the Writing Nest.

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Word Trekker: A Writer’s Word Count Planner

  • Write more than ever before.
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  • Use the Triple Crown of Hiking as Motivation.

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3rd is this ebook / paperback AND coming soon, the audiobook.

A Messy Miscellany For Writers 

A Messy Miscellany for Writers crowds in information about craft and process, productivity and tools, writing crimes to avoid, the how-can’s and why-should’s of writing guidance, and much more.

Offered by M.A. Lee and The Write Focus podcast.