*Just Start Writing* Celebrates a Birthday!

Are stories swirling around? Are ideas to share whirling in your mind? Are you on a carousel, all colors and mirrors with unicorns and griffins and dragons to ride?

That carousel of ideas tempts you to step on and enjoy the ride—yet you hesitate to pass the gate and climb up and select a ride. It’s too wondrous, too dreamlike for any reality.

Just Start Writing is designed to convince you to buy that ticket, walk through the gate, spy out the animal you want to ride, and climb on. The carousel is real, not a wonderful dream.

“Wait,” you may say. “I’ve tried before. I’ve read writing guidebooks until my eyes glaze over. I joined a writing group. I scan Pinterest and read the links. Writing just—it looks overwhelming. It can’t be that easy.”

Writing is that easy.

Just pour those swirling ideas onto the page.

And you want this dream, don’t you? Hasn’t the dream of writing persisted? Don’t you keep jotting ideas down? Aren’t you investigating and exploring because you can’t release the dream?

That was me. I’ve wanted to be a published writer since the Dark Ages. A few years ago I became serious about my dream. I set a deadline to publish my first book in 2015—and I succeeded! Since then, I haven’t looked back. As M.A. Lee and my other two pseudonyms, I’ve published 30 titles, mostly fiction.

Now people ask, “How did you start writing?” and “How do you come up with all of those stories?”

Writers ask, “How do I start writing? and “Where do you get your ideas?”

See the difference in those questions? Most people don’t care about the process. Writers want the process so they can apply it to their own carousels of struggles.

That’s our first admission, you and me:  Writing can be a struggle. It’s easy, but it’s also a dizzy whirl.

If these questions are yours—How do I start writing? and Where do you get your ideas?—then Just Start Writing is for you.


*Discovering Characters* ~ Write Focus Podcast

Celebrate the Annivesary of Discovering Characters!

One of the hardest things to do in writing is to create characters that readers  will care about, that will make them have to read on. ~ Noah Luke

Discovering Characters is like investigating a house we want to buy.

No, I’m serious. Characters have an exterior façade that we comment upon as we drive past. Through the windows we catch glimpses of interior lives.

Even in cookie-cutter boxy cliques, characters have individual characteristics, just as the suburbia ranch houses have their garden plantings and the urban row houses have their painted doorways. These small touches create individual homes in neighborhoods.

Some characters enjoy the bright city lights. Some are loners, nestled against a national forest.  Characters, houses—each have individual personalities. Some are blingie, with the latest décor while others enjoy the comfort of yoga pants and old sneakers.

As writers, we capture these individual characters and save them from the cookie-cutter boxy stereotypes. We delve into interior rooms for glimpses of formative baggage. Finding their backstory is a search through attics and cellars, storage closets and garages. Characters hide their pain and fears, painting them over and adding distracting artwork.

Our job as writers is to find every detail of our characters then use snippets so our readers will see our characters as they drive through our books. We hint at the foundations while opening doors to their plans and purposes.

Discovering Characters is designed to help writers find the exteriors and interiors, public and private. We’ll dig around the foundations and climb to the roof. We’ll explore the open rooms and the storage closets. We’ll peek into rooms inhabited by such characters as diverse as Elizabeth and Darcy, the Iron Man, Aragorn and Frodo, Travis McGee, Medea, Macbeth, and Nanny McPhee.

Five areas comprise this guidebook. Just as characters—and houses—are individual, this info is individual. You won’t need every bit. Dip in and out, skim around. When you reach locked rooms, come back and explore to discover the keys to your characters.

  1. Starting Points ~ offering templates and character interviews
  2. Classifications ~ common and uncommon ways of discovering characters
  3. Relationships ~ couples, teams, allies, enemies, mentors, etc.
  4. Special Touches ~ progressions, transgressions, and transitions for character arcs
  5. Significant Lists ~ archetypal characters and much more

Discovering Characters, with 44,000-plus words, is the second book in the Discovering set, part of the Think like a Pro Writer series for writers new to the game as well as those wanting to up their game.

Click this link to take advantage of special summer savings.

Writer M.A. Lee has been indie-publishing fiction and non-fiction since 2015. She has over 50 books published under her pseudonyms. Visit www.writersinkbooks.com to discover more information.

The Discovering series

Having an Epiphany about your writing?

Wanting guidance of all sorts?

The Discovering series offers help with




>> BRANDING individual books, series, and your author persona



Discovering Your Novel  is a separate guidebook.

Discovering Your Writing bundles characters, plot, branding, and sentence craft into one 8 x 10 book. BEST DEAL HERE!

Check this out for more information.

View the book trailer here! 

The paperback of this writing craft bundle is coming soon!

Ebook is currently available.


Want a Writing Life? Enter the Writing Business

Are you heading into a Fall Writing Challenge? Visit The Write Focus podcast to listen to the Enter the Writing Business series and inspire your writing.

Want a Writing Life?

Enter the Writing Business offers, in eight episodes, everything you need to transition your mindset from a wannabe writer to a pro-writer mindset.

Check out the opening blog post at https://thewritefocus.blogspot.com/2022/10/343-dream-it-enter-writing-business.html

There, we have direct links for the podcast to YouTube and Podbean as well as links to Apple and Spotify.

The Write Focus is also on Samsung Podcasts, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Tune-In, and many many more. Look for our green logo.


A workbook for Enter the Writing Business, book and podcast, is now available.

Visit Emily Dunn / M.A. Lee (buymeacoffee.com) to get yours now!

Here’s the book description for Enter the Writing Business.

How do I succeed at writing? Most answers to that question focus on creativity ~ story development, character explorations, poetic contemplations, blogging topics, and more.

Business needs to be added to that list.

Refine the question ~ How do I succeed at the writing business?

Even our refined question can be divided into several.

  • A] What are the best systems for writers?
  • B] What are the best daily procedures?
  • C] The best ways to balance creativity and practicality?

These are the first decisions to build a writing business.

Think of writing as running a small business. Writers create content ~ stories, poems, blogs, any of our writing. That content is our product to sell.

As creators of quality products, when we want a writing life, we need a Writing Biz.

Imagine a writing career. What is the reality? No, not the fantasy. What will the actual day-to-day writing life be?

Daily writing requires that we find ways to cope with the soul-suckers who interfere with your creative energies.

Enter the Writing Business offers the reality of the writing life.

This guidebook is a series on the daily creative process and the daily devotion to writing. Transitioning to business decisions, wee look at the necessary writing space then the essential hard and soft skills. To succeed, though, we need a business plan designed for writers. That biz plan will direct our daily actions, weekly plans, and monthly reviews and previews :: the Do’s that few consider until swamped by the constant Do-ing of them.

This guidebook is more than a tossed life preserver. With the practicalities discussed here, you can avoid the swim across the channel and build a bridge to cross from newbie to pro writer.

As part of the five-year publication anniversary of her first book, Edie Roones filled last August  with a blog series about these basic business decisions. The last two posts in the series chatter about the Hell and Heaven of Writing to answer every writer’s constant unspoken question: Is it worth it?

Interested in reading rather than listening? Here’s a link to purchase the ebook. On Amazon    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0848CK3C2

A paperback version of Enter the Writing Business is located in the 8 x 10 big bundle Inspiration for WritersThe other books in Inspiration 4 Writers are Just Start Writing and Write a Book in a Month.

Achieve the Writing Life as the Author Did

Most new writers drop out before the five-year mark. Edie Roones (a pseudonym of a professional writer who has published over 50 titles) began her commitment to writing in 2012. “I’ve made mistakes,” she says, “but I’m seeing better results every day.” Avoid those mistakes in actions and expectations, and achieve success applying the lessons in Enter the Writing Business.

Roones’ fantasy series of Seasons in Sansward  has three novels Summer Sieges, Autumn Spells, and Winter Sorcery.  Her most recent endeavor is the Wild Sherwood series, with the two collections Into Wild Sherwood and Outlaws of Wild Sherwood, ten stories than fuse the Robin Hood legends with the Faeries of British myth.

Write to Edie at winkbooks@aol.com

Plot ~ All Writers Need to Know

From September to December, The Write Focus podcast will focus on Plot.

Everything to do with Plot.

Freytag’s Pyramid and the Beats.

Plot Points and Pinch Points and the Complex Plot Structure.

Three-Act … or Four-Act Structure.

Shakespeare’s Structure.

And the best Structure of All, the most adaptable to every writer’s needs, able to be stripped down to the basics or built into cycles for epic length.

We cover it all, every Wednesday as the year cools into autumn and winter.

Information comes from our host M.A. Lee’s guidebook Discovering Your Plot, with assistance from Edie Roones and Remi Black.

What do writers want from plot?

What do writers need from plot?

As wordsmiths, we writers know that want and need are two different words.

  • The want is a circumstance that we writers can control. We want plot specifics to help us craft story and exceed reader expectations.
  • The need is a circumstance of obligations from reader expectations of story. While readers may want the comfort of the genre elements (the tropes), they also wish to have their interest and curiosity piqued.

Can we writers deliver on the expectations and the surprises in order to please our readers?

That’s the involved question that our series based on Discovering Your Plot hopes to answer.

Join us.

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Branding is The Write Focus

All through July and August. The Write Focus podcast presents BRANDING for a book, a series, and a writer’s business.

cover by Deranged Doctor Design

To hook readers, savvy writers manipulate cover imagery, titles, and the back cover market copy. With the right keys, presented in this series, writers will learn how to generate a brand for a book and a series. This knowledge will translate to their own writing business.

The series is based on M.A. Lee’s guidebook Discovering Your Author Brand, part of the Discovering series.

  • July 5 History and Keys
  • July 12 First Impressions Matters with Glance I and Keys One and Two
  • July 19 Clever Iconography and Keys Three and Four
  • July 26 More on Iconography and Keys Five and Six
  • August 2 Clever Titling
  • August 9 Market Copy: Taglines and Blurbs
  • August 16 Branding, Curious Readers, and a Blurb Script
  • August 23 Books Trailers and Video Clips
  • August 30 Key Fundamentals for Trailers

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