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All through July and August. The Write Focus podcast presents BRANDING for a book, a series, and a writer’s business.

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To hook readers, savvy writers manipulate cover imagery, titles, and the back cover market copy. With the right keys, presented in this series, writers will learn how to generate a brand for a book and a series. This knowledge will translate to their own writing business.

The series is based on M.A. Lee’s guidebook Discovering Your Author Brand, part of the Discovering series.

  • July 5 History and Keys
  • July 12 First Impressions Matters with Glance I and Keys One and Two
  • July 19 Clever Iconography and Keys Three and Four
  • July 26 More on Iconography and Keys Five and Six
  • August 2 Clever Titling
  • August 9 Market Copy: Taglines and Blurbs
  • August 16 Branding, Curious Readers, and a Blurb Script
  • August 23 Books Trailers and Video Clips
  • August 30 Key Fundamentals for Trailers

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