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Newest Releases ~ Inspiration 4 Writers

Each W.Ink writer contributed a blog series, turned into a guidebook to give writers at all levels motivation to finish those manuscripts and aim for publication, whether self-publishing or traditional publishing.

1 ~ Just Start Writing / M.A. Lee

Pour those swirling ideas onto the page.  This link opens to  M.A. Lee’s blogger site for more information.

The e-book is Available here.

2 ~ Write a Book in a Month / Remi Black

This link opens to Remi Black’s blogger site for more information. The e-book is Available here.

3 ~ Enter the Writing Business / Edie Roones > follow this link for more information.  The e-book is Available here.

The box set Inspiration 4 Writers is available as an ebook or a paperback version. Click the appropriate link for a real bargain.

Think / Pro

The Think like a Pro Writer series covers all the skills that beginning writers need to succeed, from the daily discipline of writing to the craft skills of characters and plot and on to the business of writing skills for author brands and paying taxes 😉  7 Lessons will help any writer transition into thinking like a pro writer.

1: Think like a Pro

2: Think / Pro: A Planner for Writers

3: Old Geeky Greeks: Write Stories using Ancient Techniques

The Discovering Set 

4: Discovering Your Novel

Basic Info

Sample Charts

5: Discovering Characters

Basic Info


6: Discovering Your Plot :: Available here.

Basic Info

Extra Info

7: Discovering Your Author Brand

Basic Info through a trailer

Extra Info

8: Discovering Sentence Craft

Basic Info

Extra Info