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Coming Soon! Success x 3

Here’s a lovely reward pix. I’m late posting — as I was late all through November.

Lots of disruptions and distractions in November, but I managed to work through a non-fiction project that I’ll publish early in 2020. It’s actually a combo project :: three things coming together as one.

Nonfiction because I had no brain for creative work even though I have fiction hanging over me. Still, some things get done, other things percolate a while longer ~ as long as I’m not making bailiff coffee.

Do you know what “bailiff coffee” is?  It’s the coffee that bailiffs make for jurors, thick enough to keep a spoon upright, strong enough to keep everyone thinking, caffeinated enough to keep everyone determined to do the job so we could get out of there (which means reaching the consensus that a verdict is). I’ve served on two juries, one of which didn’t want to reach a verdict, and I was grateful for bailiff coffee.

Still am.

I don’t make bailiff coffee for myself–but I do have my two mugs every morning. Keeps me determined to do the job even when everything else conspires to disrupt.

So, November dropped the fiction and picked up nonfiction. Three projects came together to get credit for the National Novel Writing Month ~ which means that I had to switch my projects to have success. Projects finished / revised / edited / corrected / formatted and now waiting on covers.

I guess that means — watch this space for more information 😉 !

It may look a little like this

a picture of my writing log for 2016

and this

and quite a bit more.

And all of this is typical of the Writing Life.