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Who is Writers Ink? Because you know WHAT it is, right?

Writers Ink is the publishing arm for Emily Dunn …

Emily Dunn worked as a journalist and copy writer before pursuing the challenge of teaching the triumvirate of literature, composition, and grammar+ to high school students (a ritually compliant audience, for the most part!). Those years of teaching meant that she continued learning herself, sticking fingers into the literary and writing crafts and twisting concepts and facts around to understand them before conveying that knowledge to students.

The Discovering guidebooks for writers are proof that her internal teacher keeps presenting lessons.

Since beginning her self-publishing journey in 2015, Emily Dunn (under her pen names of M.A. Lee, Remi Black, and Edie Roones) has published more than 30 works of fiction and nonfiction.

 You can contact us directly at winkbooks@aol.com or complete this form which will eventually route to us.