Gifts for Writers

Welcome to the Gifts for Writers episode of The Write Focus.

What are the best gifts for writers?

  • Mont Blanc pens? No, too personal.
  • Bookcases? No, impossible to wrap.
  • Cute and quaint desk supplies? No, too practical.
  • An inspirational plaque? No, too consumerism.
  • Maybe a pedometer to make them health-conscious? No, stop nagging.

The Focus offers the three best categories of gifts for writers; it’s up to you the gift-giver to determine the specific gift.

These may be impossible to wrap and shove under the Christmas tree, but the writer will thank you for months on end.

Listen to the Podcast (or watch the slide show on YouTube), and find ideas for your own gift-giving. Links are below.

  • 01:18 = We start with the November Novel Writing Challenge check-in.
  • 05:12 = Gratitude Giveaway
  • 06:05 = Picking Gifts for Writers
  • 08:35 = A Gift that Touches the Heart
  • 10:11 = A Gift that Inspires the Soul
  • 11:00 = A Gift that Motivates the Brain
  • 12:43 = Next Week & Inspiration

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