Newbie Writer & Another Email

So, the September Newbie Writer blogs create the start of my response to a Newbie Writer’s concerns.

I offered her email in the 9/1 post. (Names changed, remember?). And everything is continuing from the Newbie Writer Mistakes that she questioned, which became July (7 Newbie Writer Mistakes) and August (3 Newbie Notta Mistakes). Head back to July 1 for the very beginning.

I’ve spent our summer months sharing with you the knowledge that this old pro shared with her (old in living years, not in writing years).

My response to her second email had to be broken into two parts. Before I had the second part written, she popped another email to me.

Here it is.

I cannot thank you enough for your words! You have said more helpful things to me in two (probably 3 once I get to the next) emails than I have read in a million words about writing! I know this is a lot of confirmation bias for me right now, but I don’t care because it makes me want to keep moving forwards instead of giving up!

No one has mentioned to me the idea of sequencing a series of books by a week’s release date before, but I think that is super helpful … It makes me see more clearly just HOW the 200,000 words could now be cut up where before I was really struggling to figure that out.

Also, I feel the same about the inauthentic nature of a lot of the advice and teaching. I actually say that high school English class ruined me (well, middle school started it) for writing. The after-written application of meaning is interesting but not necessarily useful in helping to create something and often just crushes creativity for some of us, right?

Okay, off to read your next email. Thanks again.

Next Up

The start of my next email, where I begin to answer her specific questions, conveyed to you in the 9/1 post.