Newbie Mistake #6

It’s a series on Advice to Newbie Writers. This will last a while. Enjoy.

Newbie Writing Mistake #6

In the past, I set nebulous goals about yearly / monthly / weekly / daily writing. Those nebulous goals sounded like these:
  • I will write on this book.
  • I will write this chapter.
  • This season I will focus on the draft of this book.
  • This month I want to finish the proofreading of a book.
Those aren’t really goals. They are a wish list of things I want to do. GOALS are measurable, practicable, real. They count. They have items that can be touched. This is a goal.
  • I will write 1,500 words on chapter 4 of this book.
The only way I can reach my goal is a specific weekly word count based on daily possibilities. And I need to write every day or impetus is lost.
I still struggle with daily writing, but last year I wrote over 800,000 words–best year ever. I published 5 nonfiction titles, three mysteries, and one fantasy novella.
Specificity is not a word, but it creates success.
So the FIX: I look at the week ahead with its planned distractions and disruptions, then I set a realistic word count. I write daily. When I go over the count, I keep going. When something prevents, I (try to) shrug and work harder the next writing day.
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