Newbie Mistake #3

It’s a series on Advice to Newbie Writers. This will last a while. Enjoy.

Newbie Mistake #3. Check arrogance at the Writing Room Door.

I understand story structure, so I thought I knew how to hook a reader. The class on Fiction Sales by Dean Wesley Smith pointed out that my books are actually slow starters.
The FIX: consider the best vivid start for each book and don’t bury it three pages in.
#4 will be on the 15th.
By the Way, here’s a link to Dean Wesley Smith’s blog site. Scan through a few blogs and you will quickly find an ongoing list of workshops. I’ve been around teaching a long time. I know what good teaching is. Smith makes it seem simple, but the lessons are truly complex. There’s a lot of learning packed into five minutes, and each week is five or six lessons with an assignment. The learning curve is steep.
~ Remi Black