Gotta Question from a Newbie Writer

Got a Question. Had to Answer it.

A new writer posed a question about going the indie route into publishing stories and novels.
I offered encouragement and hoped she avoided a lot of the newbie mistakes that I had made–you know, before I became older and wiser but still mistake-ridden.
She popped back an email wanting to know about my mistakes in self-publishing.
So, I popped back with 7 mistakes and 3 mistakes that I did not make.

Here’s Mistake #1.

I’m an eclectic reader and writer, so I’m writing fantasy and romance and mystery and two types of nonfiction. What I should have done: focus on one genre (or series) rather than scatter my writing time–which slows down publication.
No, I didn’t think that would happen either. My lens was focused too tightly.
Come back on the 5th for Mistake #2.

~ Remi Black fielded this question.