More: 3rd Advent ~ Joy

Look around. Even with the sun radiantly bright, our world is dark.

How many years have humans considered themselves at the top of the earthly chain of being? Science estimates homo sapiens have existed for 200,000 years. Creationists say we’ve been here, at most, 10,000 years.

And that immediately introduces the first dimming shadow :: the constant conflict between contrasting beliefs, whether based in science or in religion.

Then we blink, and we’re onto another argument. Which religion? Methodist? Presbyterian? Baptist? Orthodox? Lutheran? Catholic? Muslim? Buddhist? Hindu? Shinto? And all the people I’ve offended because I didn’t mention their religion.

Humans can argue about raising a family, budgeting for expenses, politics, politicians, climate change, whether the change is cyclical or anthropogenic, diet, exercise, sleep deprivation, big Pharma, vaccines, green spaces, carbon footprints, and more and more and more and more.

That list barely grazes the debatable differences we have with each other. Shadows upon shadows that create a darkening world.

Then we remember cancer and other diseases, the mal-health conditions we cause and that our poisoning modern industrial world will cause. Drug abuse and depression and other psychical injuries that destroy our interest in the world, damaging us as much as disease does.

Count all of these shadows, and the world is dark.

What gives us light? What gives us joy?

Hope. Promise. Unconditional love. Peace.

All embodied in Christ our Savior, the Light of the World.

Christ’s all-powerful light casts the darkness away.

Advent Hymn

“Christ whose glory fills the skies

Christ the Everlasting Light

Son of Righteousness Arise

And triumph o’er these Shades of Night.

Come, thou long awaited one,

In the fullness of your love,

And loose this heart bound up by shame,

And I will never be the same.

So here I wait in hope of You

Oh my soul’s longing through and through

Dayspring from on high be near

And daystar in my heart appear.

Dark and cheerless is the morn

Until Your love in me is born

And joyless is the evening Sun

Until Emmanuel has come.


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